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The Consultation
One on One with the Doctor
Your consultation is one on one with Dr. Bauman. You will receive a diagnosis and together with Dr. Bauman develop an individualized treatment plan.

Clear Expectations
After your session with Dr. Bauman, you will have an uncomplicated idea of the possibilities. You will leave the office feeling comfortable and informed with clear expectations of how your specific procedure can transform your appearance.

Digital Imaging
A consultation with Dr. Bauman may include a digitial imaging preview session. The digital imaging process involves taking current pictures and projecting the results after surgery. You will be able to see what you could look like using digital preview imaging software - see yourself with more hair before the procedure is even done!

Detection and monitoring of hairloss
Dr. Bauman is the only hair transplant surgeon in the country to offer the Capillicare System.

The high powered digital microscope allows Dr. Bauman to examine your scalp and detect hairloss in areas that you my not yet notice.The system is also used to monitor response to medical treatments and help plan surgical procedures

Digital Imaging Preview
Bauman Medical Group helps patients worldwide in restoring their own living and growing hair.

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