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Boca News - Questions and Answers
Boca Raton News, by John Harris, Business Writer, August 2000

Rugs, plugs, wigs, weaves, hairpieces, and snake oil are out.
State-of-the-art, ‘follicular-unit micrografting’ hair restoration is in, providing more natural and maintenance free hairlines.

That’s the word from Dr. Alan J. Bauman, founder and medical director of the Bauman Medical Group, a Boca Raton-based practice that specializes in state-of-the-art hair restoration for men and women.
Dr. Bauman received his M.D. degree from New York Medical College, underwent residency training in general surgery at Beth Israel and Mount Sinai medical centers in Manhattan before undergoing intensive training in surgical hair restoration in New York.
In the following interview, business writer John Harris explores facets of modern hair restoration with Dr. Bauman.

Q:What is involved in modern hair restoration techniques?
A:Today’s highly trained surgeons are safely transplanting much smaller hair-grafts in much larger numbers than anyone ever thought possible before. Gone are the days of unsightly "corn-row" plugs that were characteristic of now outdated transplant techniques.
New microsurgical techniques and highly trained teams allow the surgeon to work with literally thousands of grafts—many containing merely a single hair-producing follicle—allowing the creation of a highly aesthetic, subtle, feathery and, most importantly, natural-appearing hairline.

Q:How is this accomplished?
A:Simply stated, by removing follicles from the back of the head and surgically implanting them in the thinning or balding areas. Each person’s head contains two very different types of hair. Hair on the back and sides of our heads is genetically programmed to last indefinitely. But hair on men’s temples and "crown" usually shrink and eventually die in response to the body’s hormones. So we graft ‘permanent’ follicles from the back of the head to the thinning or balding spots. The replaced hair will then last and grow indefinitely, and it works equally well for both men and women experiencing hair loss.

Q:Is surgical hair restoration the answer for everyone with hair loss?
A:Not necessarily. In certain situations, I may recommend that a patient not undergo a surgical procedure. Sometimes there is a scientifically proven course of non-surgical treatment that will be beneficial. An in-depth individual consultation is necessary to determine if a prospective patient can satisfactorily benefit from a hair-restoring procedure. The patient’s hair-loss pattern, rate of hair loss, "donor area" density, as well as the patient’s goals and expectations are several of the issues discussed during an initial complimentary consultation in order to make this determination.

Q:Do some patients have unrealistic expectations?
A:There are a few patients who are looking for a full 18-year-old-type head of hair when they’re in their 40s or 50s. That’s unrealistic, of course. I use state-of-the-art computer imaging software to provide a "sneak-peak" of what results he or she can realistically expect to achieve through treatment. We strive for a natural-looking, age-appropriate hairline for every patient.

Q:Hair restoration has traditionally been viewed as a very expensive procedure. Is this still true?
A:Hair restoration was once considered financially out-of-reach for the average patient, but new techniques have efficiently streamlined the procedure, making it more affordable than ever. What used to take a dozen or so treatments can now be accomplished in four or less. It isn’t covered by medical insurance, being considered a cosmetic procedure, but the Bauman Medical Group provides convenient financing and accepts several major credit cards.

Q:You recently acquired a new French hair analysis machine. What does it do?
A:Yes. In our effort to stay on the cutting edge of technology, I became the first hair restoration surgeon in the U.S. to acquire and utilize this exciting machine.
It’s called a "Capillicare" hair analysis machine. One of its functions is to give live, high power magnification of the scalp and hair to record and compare the quality of hair and scalp in different areas of the head. Among its many uses, it can measure subtle changes in density and caliber of the hair over time, enabling us to detect hair loss early, as well as scientifically monitor the effectiveness of prescribed treatments.

Bauman Medical Group helps patients worldwide in restoring their own living and growing hair.

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