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August 8, 2002 -
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Norwood Class:
III vertex


Patient Profile #1

Patient Profile: M.G.
Age 30
Norwood Class: III vertex

Single, young professional, noticed receding hairline and crown thinning

Restore natural looking hairline and increase frontal density

Hair Characteristics
Black, wavy, medium fiber thickness

Donor Quality:
high density, no previous procedures

Surgical Plan:
1 session of approx. 1500 micrografts
(1-2 hairs/graft used in the frontal hairline, 3-4 hairs/graft
used for density)

Medical Plan:
Will begin Propecia®(finasteride 1mg) to treat thinning crown

Photos taken 6 months after procedure
(70% of cosmetic result achieved at 6 months post surgery)

Note: naturalness of restored hairline

Bauman Medical Group helps patients worldwide in restoring their own living and growing hair.

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